Facebook tracking user data

How to get Facebook User IP Address Information?

We know Facebook is tracking what you’re doing. That may be worrying if you’re concerned regarding your privacy and you don’t wish your online habits contributing to advertisements, or if you don’t just like the plan of Facebook collecting information regarding you that you’re not consciously providing. Here are couples of tools to cut back on tracking:

Step 1

Close the whole open windows and browsers before opening a browser and logging into your Facebook account. Avoid from opening the other tabs or browser windows. Close all different programs that automatically processing to the internet. If you can, clear your browser’s history similarly as its cache.

Step 2

  • Open chat message you received from the facebook friend. With the message or chat window open.
  • Click on “Start Button” then click on “RUN” and type cmd into “Search Programs and Files” field.  

Step 3

Type netstat –an in DOS prompt. The IP addresses of the user are going to be listed in your prompt window.

Step 4

Visit IP address tracing web sites like ipchecking.com, dnsstuff.com, find-ip-address.org or hostip.info. Enter the IP address you found within the previous step into the search bar on the website. The IP address is going to be copied and also the user data are going to be displayed for you.

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