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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly File Names

The best method to get better your search engine optimization is to look at the technique you name your files. Before writing this tutorial I did ton of explores on file names and found that search engines like Google offer too much value to file names. You must think what you’re going to place in your website and after that give a relevant file name to this page.

Try any keyword in Google search engine and you’ll find file names highlighted with the keyword you have given. Therefore it merely proves that your file name should have appropriate keyword.

File Naming vogue
  • File name should rather be small and descriptive. It’s constantly good to use similar keywords in file name similarly as in website title.
  • Don’t use file names i.e. contact.html or product.html but apply actual service name in file name like web-development-services.html
  • Don’t use over 3-4 words in file name and split them into hyphens instead of underscores. Try to use 2 keywords likely.
File Name Example

Below are few file names that should be most popular from SEO as well as from user purpose of which.

  • seo-services-pakistan.html
  • seo-training-pakistan.html
  • sem-services-pakistan.html

Notice that keywords are separated by hyphens instead of underscores. Google sees file names as below:

seo-relevant-filename as seo relevant file name (good)

But Google sees

seo_relevant_filename as seorelevantfilename (not good)

SEO Friendly File Extension

It should be noticed that .html, .htm and .php and the other extension do NOTHING for your visitors and they are merely a means of offloading a number of the work of configuring your web server properly onto your visitors. In effect you are asking them to inform your web server how to produce the page, not which one?

Many webmasters think that it’s a good idea to use file name while not using extension. it may assist you but not a entire lot.

URL Sub Directory Name

From search engine optimization purpose of views url sub-directory name hardly matters. you try giving any keyword in any search and you may not find any sub-directory name matching together with your keywords. However from user point of view you must keep pretty much abbreviated sub-directory name.

SEO Guru Mantra

Finally, I’ll recommend to keep the following points in mind before naming your files:

Use website file name short, simple, descriptive and related to page content.

  • Try to use maximum 3 to 4 keywords in your website file name and these keywords should be appeared in your website title similarly.
  • Split all keyword with hyphen instead of with underscore.
  • Keep your sub directories name as shorter as possible.

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