SEO Friendly Website Layout and Design

SEO Friendly Website Layout and Design

The website layout design 1st impression on your website. There are websites which too fancy and normal for internet surfers can simply reach on those websites and will come out even without making a single click.

Search Engines are very smart however they are software and not human editor who can read the content for their own interest. If you create your website more advanced then search engine would not be able to crawl the content of your website properly and finally indexing would not be efficient which will result in a low rank.

The actual website page content should have a keyword density of around 10 percent and should weigh in at regarding two hundred words – but there are as several opinions regarding this as there are SEO Experts. Some say keyword density should be 5 percent and a few say it should be 20 percent. 10 percent works for me.

Below are few tips that should be considered while designing an internet website page:

  • You must have an additional text based content than html coding.
  • iFrames/Frames are the enemy of Search Engines.
  • Minimize the ads uses Java Script which is not advise to be used.
  • Do not use Java Script in html coding. If you would like Java Script, call it from an external.
  • Website elements must be fit perfectly into the website page topic; There should be no doubt within the search engine’s algorithm (or in the visitor’s mind) what your page is about.
  • Do not make unnecessary directories. Keep your files as in root or public_html folder.

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